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Tube is a program that finds and removes junk files and errors in Windows PC (including Windows 10). With a few clicks, Tube helps restore disk space and makes your computer faster and more efficient.

A good optimization kit

Cleaning is the most important feature of Tube. With a quick scan of these unnecessary files, Windows and applications are installed, and help you to easily and effectively remove them.

Tube Registryexyon is committed to the integrity of the Windows registry, theVerify system file configuration.Tube scans the registry for more than a dozen kinds of errors and provides the ability to save a backup copy before performing a recovery.

Utility Tube menu contains more specific utility, such as a fast uninstaller, a list of programs that start when you start Windows, and a recovery point driver.

A classic interface

To clean the file, just click the Scan button and let Tube discover how much waste has accumulated.Another click on the Run button and it will be cleanYour disk immediately.

Tube scanner canbe customized to find out and remove only what you want it to. The process involves the box, so it takes some effort at times.

Registry Cleaner works in a very similar way, and shows the types of errors it finds as well. This is highly technical information, but if something goes wrong, Tube offers a relapse of a previous backup.

Other tools are fairly simple, but offer little information. Although,In fact, this minimalism will be appreciated — especially when compared to busy interface other cleaners.

Dependingon your situation

The Utility and Efficiency Tube will depend on what you need. To maintain privacy is very strong, but scanning is not the fastest.

The registry clean only helps in exceptional cases, and it is an operation of limited utility in previous versions of windows.

The removal tool is basic but works well, though they may have incorrect dataAnd obsolete entries that can be easily removed manually from time to time.

In a category such as cleaners, where it’s hard to find honest and effective programs,Tube stands out for its simplicity and efficiency.