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Name: SimAirport

Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access

Developer: LLC LVGameDev

Publishing LLC LVGameDev

Released March 6, 2017

About this game

SimAirport a modern management game simulation-style moguls where you can design, build and manage the airport. Construct airport of zero, hire staff for airline choice, set up flight schedule, build your infrastructure — luggage transportation systems luggage service, public access roads, fuel lines,Upgrading the runway and maintenance of aircraft nabigasyonpasilidad, hangars and maintenance of vehicles, etc. — and many airports: Fully landscaped roads, lanes, runways, terminals, food court, especially in coach class, every detail traffic tower , Track lights navaids, luggage systems, hangars, sandbox gameplay mode — unlimited funds are not Career Bankruptcy — challenge yourself to profitFeaturesDeep systems runBased gameplay: This is aimedOn the not only aestheticAirlines: 15+ eachof unique uniforms, desires and concerns passengerAircraft: hanay14 + aircraft, two-engine turboprop 4-turbineActively developed with regular updates of the current; Developers who work on communityEarly AccessSimAirport produced title Early Access. The game is not yet ready and there are gameplay aspects that are missing or incomplete, and you can experience error.Plano is available at the beginning of a long time, probably in 6-12Months or more — much gameplay elementivscho we want to add to the game and a ton of additional purchases only if you are excited to play this game is now and you are interested in providing feedback activites involved in the community to help with future development efforts.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements: Operating System: Windows XP SP2 + Processor: IntelCore2 Duo GHz or higher / AMD 3 GHz or 2 GB RAMGraphics: Anyone at least 1 GB Video RAMDirectX: Version:2 GB spaceSound Card: Any